Welcoming Remarks

Seoul Metropolitan Council
Shin Won-cheol

Dear fellow citizens of Seoul,
First of all, thank you for visiting our official website.

Now the 10th assembly of the Seoul Metropolitan Council has finally begun with the support and encouragement of our fellow citizens who yearn for a new era of change. I’d like to express my deepest thanks to all those who entrusted to me the honorable responsibility of Council chairperson at this important juncture of change towards local autonomy and decentralization.

They say what people really care about is revealed through voting. Your wishes and longings were reflected in each vote you cast in the last elections, and they got through to us.

We will ensure that in our governance, ‘communicationㆍcooperationㆍconsensus-based governance’ – values of the era that the ten million citizens of Seoul demand - is reconciled with ‘monitoringㆍbalanceㆍcheck’- values the constitution tells us to uphold.

Set an example for the 17 city&provincial assemblies across the country, Seek to move away from political strife and towards better communication, reciprocity and consensus for better city governance, Faithfully fulfill the duty of keeping the city government in check, Lead the way in ensuring balanced growth of local autonomy… We will cherish all of these mandates given by you and put them into action.

By embracing your demands in city policies and making a meaningful difference in your lives, we will make your wishes come true.

By seeking harmony with the central government in every step we take and ensuring local autonomy remains true to its intentions, we will make Seoul a city governed by its rightful owner - the citizens.

Many thanks.